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Welcome to the Family!

Hyde Family Jam is made up of Ben Crosthwaite, Kai West, Rupert Engledow and Sam Griffiths.  The traditional folk line up of guitar, double bass, violin and accordion gets subverted over and over again and no song is safe from a rewrite Hyde style, from Kung Fu Fighting sharing a medley with Dirty Old Town through to Amy Winehouse or The Fall and old favourites from Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Nancy Sinatra. Even Disney gets the treatment!

Starting life as a 4 piece in 2014 the band has busked and gigged up and down the country on the streets and promenades, at weddings and parties, in pubs and at corporate events.  Evolving from a Sunday night good time band into a hyper energetic street performing band has meant Hyde can reach out to a huge audience made up of people from every walk of life, bringing their crazy covers and ripping originals to one and all.  

We currently are really enjoying hitting the streets and the spontaneity of street performing, but also are booked for various private events along with a some charity events like the Lord Mayor's Annual Ball on February 11, and Rockin' All Over the 'Wold' in Easingwold on July 8.  In the future we will be hosting our own Hyde Family shows starting in Yorkshire later this year!   2017 will see Hyde recording a second covers albums, with at least one of our favourite Disney tunes, plus we will begin work on our first originals album this Autumn. 

Hope to see you soon!

Singin' in the Rain - King's Square, York 2017

Singin' in the Rain - King's Square, York 2017

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