In 2014, the collaborative melting pot of York’s live music scene conspired to produce 
Hyde Family Jam. A traditional arrangement of guitar, double bass, accordion, and violin 
with a mandate to deliver blisteringly subverted renditions of popular songs. With each 
member already a capable musician in their own right they quickly found this new 
combination had legs…and wings… and probably teeth. 

After gelling in a cocoon of late night pubs and bars to a riotous response, they mutated into a full time busking band and since 2016 have been delighting crowds nationwide at weddings, parties and corporate events. In 2018 original frontman Sam took the difficult decision to leave Hyde Family Jam and pursue other projects, so the band adopted seasoned performer and friend of the 
family John to take the reigns. The boys then recorded and released their third CD “It’s 
Alive” and now look forward to making a wonderful racket near you very soon.


Ben Crosthwaite

Ben Crosthwaite: Accordion


Ben first toured galas and festivals playing the fugal horn before retraining as a jazz trumpeter at Leeds College of Music. Around this time he also discovered his love/hate relationship with the accordion. Since 18 he has successfully built a skill set as a dynamic and versatile busker and collaborator with his “new” instrument. 

Rupert Engledow: Violin 


Classically trained from age 7, Norfolk native Rupert has been playing with skiffle bands, folk bands, swing bands and bands that defy description across the UK, France, Germany and America since 1989. A veteran busker, he also released his solo swing album “The Sunny Side” in 2015.

John Holt-Roberts: Guitar and Lead Vocals


John trained as an actor in London and since 2012 has balanced working for various theatre companies and gigging as an over enthusiastic musician. Forming acoustic thrash duo "Dead Drummer” with Hyde bassist Kai, John's raucous energy then made him a perfect fit to join Hyde Family Jam in 2018.

Kai West: Double Bass


A full time musician and illustrator, Kai designs artwork for business, venues and of course Hyde family Jam. Original projects include “Dead Drummer” “Curtis Eller’s American Circus” and his band “Bull” who recently toured the United States. He puts on gigs and events with the independent label “Young Thugs Records” and is currently illustrating a graphic novel.

A special thanks to Martijn van Sabben Photography for the great shots from the Edinburgh Fringe 2018